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Equasis world merchant fleet data (2005-2021)

Snapshot of World Merchant fleet 2020

Data source

This interactive and unique report allows interactive exploration of the world merchant fleet data with the help of functionality of Google data studio.

Data source for the report is Equasis reports, which reflect world fleet statistics from 2005 till 2021. Therefore, the report provides various insights of the world merchant fleet structure regarding the number of ships and size of fleet considering different types of vessels. All data from various years are structured into four dashboards, which allow detailed exploration from the viewpoint of 55 charts, graphs, or scorecards.  All tables serve as the data filters as well, therefore, within few clicks, the dashboards will give detailed data for the particular year regarding the number of ships, size category, and growth rates. This powerful dashboard provides clear and detailed picture of the world’s merchant fleet. Therefore, even though there is no story given for the statistics behind the graphs, it can be used to support your story!

To illustrate functionality of this report YouTube video shows part of it.


Furthermore, some remarks before commencement of the world merchant fleet data exploration:

  • These four dashboards will give detailed data and help explore the development of the world merchant fleet. However, the best way is to use desktop computer for the review of content of this post, otherwise on mobile screens, the graphs and tables will be too small and will not fit for the data exploration, even though the functionality of dashboards will remain the same.
  • Generally, the internet browser often needs a bit of time to load the dashboards. It depends on the internet connection and time required by the browser to make connection with the Google data studio. 
  • Besides, by using those two buttons below, you can adjust the size of dashboards for them to fit better in your screen. Appropriately adjusted dashboard will allow a lot easier data exploring.
  • Size categories for ships are the same as in Equasis reports: 
    Small ships: GT<500 ; Medium ships: 500≤GT<25 000 ; Large ships:25.000≤GT<60 000; Very large ships: GT≥60 000
  • Enjoy your data exploration!

World fleet composition  according Equasis world merchant fleet data:

Development trends regarding average ship’s size, number and size of fleet by different types of ships:

World merchant fleet regarding changes in number of  different types of ships:

World merchant fleet regarding changes in fleet size of  different types of ships:

Data source: Equasis reports : :
Interactive visualization regarding top 15 shipowning countries (2020) according UNCTAD data can be found here:  World merchant fleet and top 15 shipowning countries (2020*)
Author of visualisations: Roberts Gailitis

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