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Category: Maritime data

We are sharing here maritime data visualizations, info graphics and timelines . Data visualizations are created by different tools and approaches. Visualizations are based on data and  figures  on maritime topics which are freely available on web, therefore this part reflects our approach to visualizations of maritime related data.

Following data from Alphaliner! (2019)

  Alphaliner data on top 30 container shipping lines updated on 06.12.2019! The Alphaliner data on  containerlines during all twelve months of 2019 are collected and visualized. During 12 months most of lines increased operated capacity.   Leader on increased operated capacity with 427,487 TEU is MSC followed by COSCO (168,894…

Who owns world fleet?

The data in this graph reflects data from top 35 shipowning countries in 2017 (according UNCTAD secretariat calculations) as they represent 88%  in terms of number of world fleet and 95% in terms of controlled deadweight  tonnage. Notes: Propelled seagoing vessels of 1,000 gross tons and above, as at 1…

Equasis world merchant fleet data – 2016

Equasis report provides a picture of the world‟s merchant fleet derived from data contained in the Equasis database. By using functionality of “infogram” this infographic provides visualization of data included in Equasis report regarding number, type and size of ships.   Click here to download the report in original format. The…

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