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Top 15 shipowning countries (2014 – 2018)

Comparing data from 2018 with data from 2014 regarding world merchant fleet –  top 5 shipowning countries have remained the same: Greece, Japan and China, Germany and Singapoure. The fleets of Greece, China and China, Hong Kong SAR have been growing. Japan, Germany and Korea show a decreasing trend. Total number of ships have increased by 6% and reached 50 732 ships over 100 GT. Overall world tonnage increased by 14 % and reached 1,910,012 thousand DWT. Average size of ships continued to increase and reached 37,649 DWT. 


This infographic visualizes data regarding top 15 shipowning countries regarding growth of controlled DWT, changes in share of world fleet, increase of number of owned ships and changes in average size of vessel. Data comes from UNCTAD statistics   and are visualized by use of Infogram.

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